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Cat-hedrals and later Ci-ties consists of series of works originally made i Edinburgh in 1986 to 1988. You can see display of that work in three different galleries. First exhibition was held at famous Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh in 1987.

 Following year exhibition named Ci-ties was held in Gallery of Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade, curated by Lidija Merenik, and finally in Equrna gallery in Ljubljana, curated by Taja Brejc.
To this day I consider these works as a very important ones for understanding my art.

Richard Demario Gallery Edinburgh

Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh Cat hedrals, exhibition overview

Gallery of the Museum of Modern Art Belgrade

Gallery of the Museum of Modern Art Belgrade, Ci-Ties, exhibition overview

Ci-Ties III

Ci-Ties III

Cat-Hedral III

Cat-hedral III

Monument I

Monument II

TV presentation of my solo exhibition CiTies, 
year: 1988, Belgrade, Museum of Modern Art Gallery,
Artist: Igor Stepancic
Curator: Lidija Merenik
Production: TV Belgrade - TV Gallery
Editor in chief: Dunja Blazevic
Teksts by: I.Stepancic, L. Merenik, D. Vukovic