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… what actually makes today’s art , or what is real or substantial being , the form , the content of the present work of art . Stepančičev response is extremely open to all possible explanations -…..


Jovan Despotovic Art citic

This “Postmodern Mannerism” found its field of activity in what Rosalind Krauss called “Sculpture in the Expanded Field”. …… This came about due to the problematization of the relation between art and society, which turned into the association“Art is Life”.

From the book Melancholy Sprezzatura of Igor Stepancic

Zoran Gavric Professor Faculty of Applied arts, Art History

Reviewing the technology and policy of interpretation and articulation of art work, through nonverbal dialogue with holders of critical and theoretical positions, Stepančić, on the trail of artistic practice of the eighties performed deconstruction of the position of language used to interpret art ….

Stevan Vukovic SKC FilmForum

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This is work in progress, presentation I’m working on as you watch, so please be patient as I fill it with my work, info and projects. Archive section will be adde later and it will contain detailed CV, list of exhibitions, solo and group, public works, bibloghraphy and more (documents, photographs, etc). Thyank you for […]


Solo and group exhibitions in pat 30 years of my active artistic activity. Murals, museum work and more. To be updated and filled in months to come.

Catalogues and books

This is a section for online catalogues of my exhibitions, texts by art critics and books on my art. At the moment I’m working on scans and preparing pdf formats of catalogues and other printed materials. If you come across any material regarding writings on Igor Stepancic’s work please cntact me.

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My new work in progress. For now see and enjoy. To see it live visit Galerija 73, Pozeska str. Belgrade, from December 27th till end of January 2017. Trying to explain art to kids and all who gaze at their mobile devices all the time. Also trying to get people to go and see art in galleries not on line, on screen, on billboards.

Lost and found

Some of the works just get forgotten or misplaced. Once they are found they surprise us with its .... well different things we recognize each time we look at them. That's the reason I've decided to post some of my art that got forgotten or hidden. Here you can see me back in 1986 working with pigment colour on the floor of the gallery, with vacuum cleaner!